Do you find it interesting that Moses had no problem with God's presence, but he struggled mightily with God's power and His promises? Moses knew of Yahweh from birth, because his parents took every opportunity to remind him of his Abrahamic roots. Even under Pharaoh's roof, Moses most likely learned about multiple religions including the Jewish faith. When God spoke, Moses hid his face, because he understood that the Great I Am was speaking from that bush. The problem we see is that Moses did not have that same kind of faith when it came to God's power or His promises. Why? He was comfortable with the existence of God and even the lessons learned from His forefathers and their experiences with Yahweh. The real issue Moses struggled with was God' command to step out of what was comfortable into something that would be stressful and strenuous. Moses could rest in God's presence in Midian without stress or strain, but God was now pushing him outside of his comfort zones into something difficult and dangerous. God saw Moses in a way that no one else saw him. He saw a man raised in Pharaoh's court for forty years and trained as a shepherd for forty years, who was now ready to lead His people out of slavery and into the Promised Land. What is God calling you to do? Do you find strength in God's presence but struggle with His power and His promises? It is time to stop looking at our past failures and our possible future mistakes and start listening to God's voice as He leads us into the center of His plan.

Help me, Lord, to enjoy Your presence in my life as I trust in Your power and Your promises. Help me to get outside of myself so that I can hear Your voice and walk closely with You.