The whole idea of blood having redemptive power is difficult to understand. We know that Jesus lived a perfect life which allowed Him to shed perfect blood that washes away our sin. In the Old Testament, we find snapshot after snapshot of Jesus’ work on the cross. The three rams that were slaughtered to consecrate the priests were examples, and their blood was the key to that consecration. At the end of the ceremony, they even sprinkle some of that blood onto Aaron’s priestly garments that are so rare and so beautiful. What is the point? God wants us to understand that every part of us must be washed in the blood of the Lamb. We like to hold onto certain parts of our lives and keep them out of the consecration process. It could be that you walk with Jesus in every area of our life except for when you turn the TV on. It could be you have given everything but your mouth to the Lord. It even could be that you have never allowed Jesus to consecrate your thoughts for your good and His glory. These are realities we all battle. God, however, does not waver in His expectations for our lives. He wants every part of you and of me consecrated to Him. He wants us to lay our TVs, our mouths, and our thoughts on that altar that is filled with perfect blood. The ceremony to consecrate the priests required lots of blood. Our sin requires it, as well.

Help me, Lord, to consecrate every part of my life to You through the blood of Your Son. Help me to give up that control that I so want to hold onto so that You can step in and do a beautiful work in my life.