God clothes His priests in special garments that set them apart as His servants.  The ephod and breastplate dominate the front of the garment and also provide a way to discern God’s will using the gems that God added to it.  It was easy to know when the priests where coming, because God had them put bells on the bottom hem, and the colors were vibrant and royal.  God dressed these men so they could be easily recognized and set apart for His work.  Can people easily recognize your walk with God?  Toby Mac sings a song titled, Jesus Freak.  He always reminds me that I cannot hide what is inside.  If Jesus lives in me, then He will be obvious on the outside.  Everything about our lives will be filled with Jesus meaning people will notice the difference even if we are not trying to emphasize it.  A priest could never really hide their position, because of their garments.  While our clothes do not necessarily have that affect on others, our words, actions, and attitudes should reflect Jesus in every arena God puts us in.  Going to church is a wonderful way to shine Jesus to your friends and neighbors, but if your life does not reflect what your church teaches, then you are turning people away from Jesus.  Are you a Jesus freak?  If not, why not?

Help me, Lord, to reflect You in everything I do.  Help me to be so obvious in my faith that people call me a Jesus freak.