The tabernacle was not only elaborate; it was also practical. God made it for worship, but He also made it to move with the nomadic tribes of Israel. God works in our lives in much the same way. At times, His work is elaborate as He forms the person He created you to be. It is finely-tuned and detailed, and you begin to take shape as God works from the inside out. His plan for our lives is also practical. He does not expect a person with no singing voice to lead the music on Sunday morning. He does stretch our faith, but only in practical, life-changing ways. Our lives change because of Jesus and the hope that we find in Him. The tabernacle was divided into three parts. The altar area where any Jews could be; the holy place where only priests and Levites can go; and the Holy of Holies which was God's dwelling place and could only be entered once a year so the priests could sprinkle the blood from the altar all around the room. This room was divided from the others by a long, thick curtain which separated man from God. Again, the tabernacle points us to Jesus, because He ripped that veil in two through His death on the cross. He opened a door for us to commune with God. Are you being faithful to do that everyday? There is no greater joy than waking up to a beautiful sunrise and then to spend time in the Scriptures and in prayer communing with God alone.

Help me, Lord, to see the elaborate yet practical work You are doing in me. Help me to commune with You daily so You can form me into the person You created me to be.