The symbolism found in God's plan for His people in the Old Testament has been personalized in Jesus. He was made flesh and dwelt among us, and after His death, He dwelt in us. The tabernacle is God's dwelling place on earth. God gives them exact instructions on the size and shape of the structure. This was to be used for the purpose of worship, because it was God's dwelling place. The ark provided God with an earthly throne. Isaiah tells us that God is King of all the universe; therefore having a throne on earth is perfectly reasonable. Again, God gives Moses clear instructions on how to construct the ark and what to put in it. A table was to be constructed for "show-bread" that constantly reminded the priests of God's presence and His provision. On it stood the golden lampstand with seven branches for seven candles. This lampstand would serve as the light for the priests to work by. The tabernacle, the ark, the lampstand, and the table were understood in an even greater sense when Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and then rose from the grave after three day. Suddenly, the idea of God dwelling in us is possible. Our hearts now serve as His throne where He can rule freely through us. The show-bread was a symbol for God's provision for His people. The lampstand served as a beautiful reminder of Holy Spirit who guides us through each day in the midst of darkness.

Help me, Lord, to give You complete control of my heart, which serves as Your throne. Help me to follow Your Spirit's guidance through every moment of life, no matter how painful or difficult life may be.