Moses treks to some amazing heights in his walk with the Lord.  Even when he takes Joshua and seventy of his most spiritual leaders with him, God calls Moses away from the group so that they can fellowship together.  Recent events in our culture-driven media have questioned the sanity of those who have a relationship with God.  They seem to grasp that a person can hear from God through His Word, but they struggle with the idea that we take the time to talk with Him.  Our goal is to have a conversation with God where we talk back and forth and then we walk away changed people.  Any encounter with God has to produce some type of change in our lives; this is a necessity for humanity, because our sin nature turns us away from the Truth and encourages us to live according to the lies of our culture.  Do you enjoy that kind of intimate relationship with the Father through His Son, Jesus?   God loves those intimate moments when we talk about anything and everything.  We must learn to delight in those moments to the point that we have an encounter with God everyday.  These daily moments provide a time when we talk to God about our needs and the needs of others, and a time for Him to talk with us through His Word and through His Spirit.  Moses ascended to some incredible spiritual heights.  God is calling us to do the same!

Help me, Lord, to enjoy an intimate, one-on-one relationship with You where we can talk with each other and I can grow into the person You created me to be.  Help me to delight in Your Word to the point that I must digest a portion of it everyday.