Yesterday, God impressed me with His love for His people through His commandments. Today, He reminded me of His wisdom. He is the Author of wisdom, we have a well from which to draw when we are making decisions and working through the details of life. As we seek wisdom, we must look to His Word for the answers we crave. In this chapter, God reveals His plan for work and rest. Six days of work are expected, and a day of rest is to be taken each week. It is called the Sabbath, and it literally means "rest." We sometimes think of Sunday as the Sabbath, but I wonder how many actually get any rest. We have Sunday School, Worship, an evening Bible study at the church or in a home. It is normally a non-stop day. How then can we call that the Sabbath? God has commanded us to take a day to allow our minds and bodies to rest from its normal hectic activity. I used to serve as pastor of a church in the Mississippi delta. The area was filled with crops and catfish ponds. I began to notice that many of the farmers were missing during planting and harvesting season. I asked why they were delinquent, and each one told me they had to work. I challenged them to take a day off even in the busiest of their seasons and see how God would honor that. Some did, and they reaped the benefits of God's wisdom. Are you reaping those same benefits, or are you trusting in your own knowledge and understanding?

Help me, Lord, to seek Your wisdom before I make any decisions in life. Help me to find that Sabbath day in my week to honor You, while You honor our obedience.