How deeply does God love His people? That question is answered through the Law. He wants these people to live the best life they can live, so the Almighty stops everything to tell Moses exactly what the people are to do. The God of the universe is concerned about the daily lives of those people that He has chosen; those that have chosen to follow Him. Those gods made with human hands or by human thoughts have no mercy and always exact punishment for every misstep. God, on the other hand, looks at His people as sheep ready for the slaughter and prepares them to be His holy nation, set apart for His work on the earth. The Law was never meant to save a person; instead, it provided them with a rule book that always reminded them of God's incredible love. What do you think of the Scriptures today? We are no longer bound by the Law because of God's amazing grace revealed through His Son, Jesus, but do you see God's love in every rule that He placed upon His people? Some of those laws still resound today, especially those dealing with sorcery and relationships. They give us a framework to consider when trying to understand how to love God and love our neighbor. God loves you with an everlasting love. He wants you to enjoy the best in your life. Listen to His Word and see how He wants you to live.

Help me, Lord, to see Your love in every Law that You provided for Your people. Help me to walk closely with You, because of the grace You have shown me through Jesus.