God continues to provide His people with instructions about life and love. He wants them to act honorably towards one another and pay whatever fines they might incur. God did not expect perfection; instead, He provided a punishment for every crime. Only those that cost a life purposefully had to face capital punishment, the rest where given clear punishments for their crimes whether purposeful or not. God set a strong standard for His people to live by that would separate them from the other nations around them. God's desire was them to be holy, set apart for His plan and His lineage. As Christ-followers, God continues to desire holiness in our lives. We shine Jesus when we live according to His Word. When we choose to live by our own plans then we look just like the world around us and have very little impact; we also face discipline for our disobedience. Is that why God sent His Son to save us? Jesus died to set us free from the grip of the world so that we can live completely for Him. Have you found your identity in Christ and His plan for your life through His Word? When we do, we give the world hope and offer the opportunity of salvation.

Help me, Lord, to desire holiness according to Your Scriptures. Help me to offer hope and salvation as I shine You to the world around me.