The Ten Commandments are known by many, but lived by few.  They are God’s clear plans for His people.  The crux of the commandments is a relationship with God and a relationship with people.  God did not create us to focus only on ourselves; instead, He encourages us to strengthen our relationship with Him and with those He has brought into our world.  When we choose to obey His commandments, then we enjoy life from His perspective and watch Him change us from the inside out.  The Almighty reveals our struggles and our strengths through His commandments.  Which commandment do you struggle most with?  Is it one that relates to God, or is it one that relates to people?  Possibly, its the one right in the middle that talks about honoring your parents.  No matter where we struggle, God is always there to strengthen us and to protect us during the storms of life.  He is our stronghold, and He is our hope.  We find all that we are in Him.  The Ten Commandments help us remember that God deserves our worship, and He has called us to love our neighbor.  If we make it that simple, suddenly, they do not seem so daunting.  By the way, these commandments were not written so we can hammer away at each other.  They are meant to be our personal boundaries in life.

Help me, Lord, to strive to live by Your Ten Commandments.  Help me to see my strengths and weaknesses through Your commandments and look to You for help in my struggles.