The beginnings of Moses' life help us remember just how gracious and good God is. In a day when Hebrew baby boys were being killed at birth, Moses' life was spared. He grew up in luxury in Pharaoh's palace. He was educated and wealthy. When he hit some hard times, he ran to the wilderness to get away from Pharaoh's wrath. He was still a tender-hearted man who had compassion for those in need. We see that with Jethro's daughters as he runs off those who were trying to stop them from watering their livestock. While we struggle with a disconnect between his old life in Egypt and his new life in Midian, we must see that God's plan was still in effect. God was not surprised by Moses' action or where he ended up. God spent the next forty years preparing Moses' for the last forty years of his life. In the midst of our awe, we cannot forget that Moses was a murderer. He did not deserve a second or third-chance, but God's grace ruled the day and Moses was able to start over. While God is preparing Moses, He is also preparing the people of Israel. Their oppression gets worse, and they finally cry out to God for deliverance. Once again, God is working everything out for our good and for His glory. When life takes a difficult, painful turn, walk through the hurt and heartache with Jesus at your side knowing He will never leave you and He will get you through.

Help me, Lord, to forgive myself for past mistakes as You have forgiven me. Help me to rest in Your plan for my life even when it seems out-of-control and makes no sense whatsoever.