My daughter has an interview for a scholarship next week.  Yesterday, she received a card in the mail with ways to prepare for the interview.  As I read this chapter, it hit me that God had the people prepare to meet with Him.  They did not get a postcard; instead they got a direct message from Yahweh through Moses.  They washed their clothes and refrained from physical intimacy all in preparation to hear God’s voice and follow Him.  I know of many people who wear their best every Sunday.  While it is perfectly okay to do that, I think God is far more interested in what we do on Saturday night as we prepare for Sunday.  It is easy to walk into worship completely unprepared for an encounter with God.  How do you prepare for worship?  Do you confess sin and get your heart and mind ready for worship?  Do you spend time in God’s Word thinking about who God is and how great He is?  As a pastor, I prepare my sermons early in the week so I can digest it fully and then preach it from experience.  Sadly, some Saturdays are spent vegetating in front of the television instead of in preparation for worship of God Almighty.  This must change!  We enjoy an incredible opportunity to meet with God every week as a congregation of people, and we must prepare our hearts and minds for that time with God and with His people.  

Help me, Lord, to prepare myself thoroughly for worship.  Help me to stop wasting those Saturday nights that could enlarge my encounter with You on Sunday.