Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, came for a visit along with Moses' wife and children.  Jethro praised God for His marvelous works and then watched Moses work with the people.  He immediately noticed a serious problem, because Moses was spending all day judging the people while they stood around waiting and wasting hours of time.  Jethro suggested that his son-in-law find godly men who know the Law and live by it and set them up as judges over the people.  They can judge the smaller cases and bring the more difficult ones to Moses.  This would set their leader free to spend more time with the Lord in preparation for leading his people.  Moses receives the instruction and responds accordingly.  His life literally changed by one decision.  Delegation can be a difficult part of leadership, because it requires giving up control.  If we are not careful, we find our identity in our work and not in the Lord.  Delegation helps leaders put God ahead of themselves and sets them free to do the most important work.  Great leaders do not get bogged down with work others can do; instead, they focus on the work God has called them to and find their identity in Him.  Have you learned the art of delegation?  Are you willing to give up control?  Moses learned these valuable lessons and enjoyed less stress and more time with the people he loved.

Help me, Lord, to delegate the responsibilities You have given me.  Help me to find my identity in You and freely give You control of the work You have called me to.