The chapter starts with more complaining, and Moses frustration, but when the Amalekites attacked, the people joined together under Joshua's command to defend their families. While no one likes difficult and painful times, God can use them for good in a way that we ever considered. As Moses, Aaron, and Hur climbed the mountain, the people unified as son and went to war. Moses put his arms up in the air and found that when he did so, they would win, but when his arms tired and fell down, they would begin to lose ground. Moses found that two men stood beside him as they propped his arms up and held them for him. They did not try to claim his authority nor did they walk away when a need arose; instead, these men were faithful helpers to the one God called to lead. Moses also watched Joshua lead the people into battle under his command and found another leader who was faithful and focused on the future. I love that he surrounded himself with those kinds of people. Clearly, many did not care for Moses and his leadership, but these men were faithful to a fault and followed their leader faithfully. As believers, we need other believers who are walking closely with the Lord and who love us unconditionally. We need accountability from those around us to grow in our faith. That means we must have a humble spirit so we will listen to those who love us. Moses did just that and learned much that day in battle.

Help me, Lord, to find those people who love You and love me unconditionally. Help me to be humble in all that I do so that You can speak to me through others.