How does God continue to help these people when all they do is complain? He loves Moses and preserves the lives of the grumblers because of him. The people cry out again saying they are starving to death in the wilderness when they had more than enough food in Egypt. God hears their complaints and talks with Moses about His plan to provide. Did God have to provide for these people? In one sense, He did because He made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He keeps that covenant by providing bread from heaven in the morning and quail for dinner at night. He kept them on a strict diet to keep them ready to move into the Promised Land. The people could only collect what they needed for the day except on the last day they were to collect double to cover for the Sabbath. Do you notice the incredible work God is doing in your life? Do you see yourself as "blessed" right where you are at this moment? When a choice is made to walk closely with God, He pours out His provision on our lives. Everyday, you must sit back and say, "Wow!" look what God has done. Moses did that, but the people of Israel, well, they struggled mightily with thankfulness.

Help me, Lord, to see Your provision in every part of my life. Help me to be thankful for Your marvelous work in me.