How smart is God? He tells His people to backtrack and wander for a short period of time to draw out the Egyptian armies. God was ready to destroy His people's captors and set them completely free. When the Egyptian army arrives, the people lose their faith for a moment but then once again watch God do something unbelievable. The cloud that has led the people by day suddenly camps itself between the Israelites and the Egyptians. God tells Moses to stretch his hand over the Red Sea and watch the waters recede making a path for their escape. All through the night, God parted the waters and dried the ground so His people could safely and quickly move to the other shore. Eventually, the Egyptians chased God's people into the Red Sea, but they never caught them. God knows what we need before we do. He is smart enough to understand our weakness and provides His strength. He is so intelligent that He can work every situation for our good and for His glory. That is not just happenstance or coincidence; no. that is the providential knowledge of God. Amazingly, He knows all of that, and He still knows my name and how many hairs remain on my head. How smart is God? That answer is far beyond our comprehension on this earth, and it is a source of strength and hope for the future.

Help me, Lord, to rest in Your intelligence when it comes to my daily life and the plans You have for me. Help me to walk in obedience so that I, too, can enjoy Your protection and provision in my life.