God created memorials for future generations to remember His marvelous works in Egypt. He asked them to only eat unleavened bread for a specific time period and to "redeem" the first born of every womb through the sacrifice of another. When the next generations asks why we do this; then God wants His people to explain the significance of those acts in relationship to the exodus. Even now, God is forming a nation out of the million people He brought out of Egypt. He has great plans for their future and wants the children and grandchildren to understand their heritage and more importantly, their God. The bones of Joseph serve as another memorial of God's past work. As Moses transports them to the Promised Land, the people are able to tell their children and grandchildren about God's provision and protection. What legacy are you leaving behind? Our children are a "heritage from the Lord," and they need to understand the God you are leading them to serve. Their faith must be entrenched in the wonder and amazement of God, not in the fact that a parent follows Him. Many parents struggle with the fear that their children's walk with God is too shallow to withstand the pressures and temptations of college. How do we strengthen their faith? We take them to the memorials God has given us in our personal lives and talk clearly about His work and His will in our lives. These memorials create questions which opens the door for more discussion.

Help me, Lord, to seek out those memorials that will remind me of Your goodness and grace and use them to reveal those same attributes to my kids. Help me to strengthen their faith by talking consistently about You and honestly answering any question they might have.