The struggle between obedience and rebellion can be significant or it can be simple, but the consequences will never compare. A child who takes out the garbage as asked but grumbles the whole time is not really obedient. His actions show obedience, but his attitudes show rebellion. An adult who allows an addiction to rule his/her life will see a big gap between their lives and those who walk with Jesus. Pharaoh revealed the vastness of his rebellion when he kicked Moses out of the palace and told him to never return. He acted, at least, like he was not scared of God though the king watched Yahweh destroy his land. God's people showed true obedience to every little detail He gave. They prepared themselves to move, the separated a lamb or goat and then prepared it four days later over an open flame. They ate with their shoes on and their staffs in their hands. They also put blood over the doorposts so their children would live through the night. Their faith and obedience allowed them to enjoy God's bountiful protection while the Egyptians who did not listen and did not obey lost the firstborn of everything in their home. Do you see the incredible difference in the consequences of obedience vs. the consequences of rebellion? That was not just a difference in ancient times; it is still prevalent today. Many will argue that their lives are as good as or better than any Christian, but they are arguing from the culture's definition of success. Those who follow Jesus have a different definition that starts with peace, hope, and a planned future. We also enjoy His power on our lives and ministries just as the Israelites did during the Passover.

Help me, Lord to walk in obedience and not in rebellion. Help me to enjoy Your incredible power, peace, hope, and Your plan for my future as I walk closely with You.