Protection is a huge money-maker in our current culture. People pay for their homes to be alarmed while they are gone. We hire security guards to protect commerce. We keep our usernames and passwords safely tucked away, because we are consumed with protecting what is ours. Pharaoh could not protect his people from God's wrath. The land was destroyed, the citizens of Egypt were terrified, and all the false gods stood humiliated before Yahweh. At this point, many of us would have given up and put our trust in God. Pharaoh, however, was unwilling to give up. He pushed and pushed until finally Moses exploded in anger and revealed God's final plague. He made it clear that they were sacrificing their firstborn for living in disobedience to God's command. How could Pharaoh hear those words and walk away? He had seen God's power over nature so he knew that Yahweh could do whatever He wanted. His pride, however, stopped him from surrender. God's promise also extends to His people, the Jews. He gives them a simple plan to follow and promises to protect each family if they obeyed. Where are you on this spectrum? Are you leaning more towards Pharaoh's attitude towards God, or are you pliable and ready to be obedient? One will protect you from portions of the chaos and drama of this world, and the other will tear away at the basic fabric of your life and your family. Moses' successor, Joshua provided the perfect answer: "but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Help me, Lord, to live by that motto and lead my family to do so, as well. Help me to hear Your voice and do exactly what You say knowing You will protect me.