More plagues and more conflict rule this chapter. God sends locusts, hail, and darkness over the whole region of Egypt while protecting Goshen where His people lived. The other leaders in Egypt begged Pharaoh to let the people go, because their land was destroyed by the plagues. His pride stopped him from listening and brought about the worst of plagues. I find it interesting that Pharaoh told Moses to never show his face in the king's presence again. Moses response says it all, "we will not meet face-to-face again." When you know God is in whatever is happening around you, it is much easier to respond in confidence that His plan will be fulfilled. I realize this is so hard for those who are currently going through physical, emotional, financial, or spiritual problems. It is sometimes hard to see God's face when there is so much "stuff" in the way. At some point, we have to stop and refocus our attention and find His confidence for this journey. Moses knew without question that Pharaoh would let the Israelites leave the land with their women, children, and livestock. Do you and I have that kind of faith? Do we know God is going to work even when it seems like He is not? Faith does not always make sense, but when we exercise it, we watch God do the miraculous. Are you praying for a miracle today?

Help me, Lord, to find my confidence in You and Your perfect plan for my life and my family. Help me to see through the clouds created by hurts and problems so that I can see You and enjoy your miraculous works.