Over the years, the Israelites have grown at an incredible rate to the point that they outnumbered the Egyptians. This growth scared the new Pharaoh who had not known Joseph so he enslaved them with hard labor and even tried to kill their newborn boy babies. They lived in Egypt for four hundred years and suddenly now they are being treated like slaves. Why would God do that? It is not until we look at this big picture which Christians call God's plan that we see why He allowed that to happen. God moved His people to Egypt to provide for their material needs, but He never intended for them to stay there. He knew their lives where ingrained in this country, but He wanted them to return to the land He promised them so that His plan to continue. Is it possible God is doing something similar in your life? I know that my family has learned to adjust to God's plan even when it does not fit our's. This move to Maryland has changed much for us, but it is also clearly what God wants for us. Can you say the same? Are you ready and willing to walk away from the familiar and comfortable so that you can fulfill God's plan for your life? Israel might not have been ready before they were enslaved, but they would certainly be ready afterwards. By the way, they still had babies and God still multiplied their ranks even as He prepared them for this huge move.

Help me, Lord, to be ready and willing when You call me out of my comfort zones and safe places. Help me to see my struggles as evidence of Your work in my life and Your plan being fulfilled in me.