The Jews prepared for the day of battle and routed their enemies. They saw victory on every front throughout the kingdom and many feared the Jews and wanted to join them. Mordecai's name garnered fear and respect as he wielded the king's power for the good of his people and the good of the nation. Character and integrity do eventually come out on top. God honors those that honor Him with a life well-lived. Problems still happen and people are still people, but God's blessings are unequaled when we commit ourselves to serve Him. I do not believe in the "health and wealth gospel" that is common in our churches today, but I do believe that God loves to bless His people and will do so when we walk faithfully with Him. Psalm 1 reveals that truth so clearly. The Psalmist describes that person who loves the Law of God as a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruit in its season and whose leaves do not wither and whatever it does prospers. Not sure where you are in life, but that sounds really amazing to me. I want that kind of blessing in my life and pray for it for my kids, as well. Are you walking faithfully with the Lord? It should be obvious by His blessings upon your life.

Help me, Lord, to walk faithfully with You and to honor You with my words, actions, and attitudes. Help me to praise You for Your blessings and pray for them for my kids on a daily basis.