Now that the antagonist is dead, Esther and Mordecai beg for their people's lives. Mordecai has been given Haman's position and his possessions which gives him full access to the king. They talk to the king and receive his blessing to craft an edict that will give the Jews the freedom to fight back against those who might attack them. The edict was written in every language of the kingdom and sent by horse and rider to every region of the empire. Even when you love God and strive to serve Him, it is sometimes hard to see how God is going to use your current circumstances for your good and His glory. At times, we simply have to wait upon the Lord and trust Him to keep His promises. Mordecai learned that lesson and now lived better than most people in the kingdom. He knew that God put him in that position along with his "daughter," Esther, to save the Jews from annihilation. While in the center of the drama, do you think Mordecai had any idea how God would work it all for his good? I suspect he was as lost as we would have been, but he still walked by faith and trusted God's promises. Have you gotten to that place in your own life? When we reach the point where we have no control and can do nothing to stop the avalanche, then we can let go and trust God. Our challenge today is to let go before the avalanche occurs by trusting God to fulfill His promises.

Help me, Lord, to let go of my anxiety and fear and to trust You to keep Your promises. Help me to wait expectantly for You to work everything out for my good and Your glory.