The second banquet occurs with the king and Haman in attendance with Esther. After eating and drinking, the king asks Esther for her request. She asks him to save her from death and her people from annihilation. The king immediately responds with shock and rage. He asks who is trying to harm her, and she points to Haman. The king storms out of the banquet and when he returns it looks as if Haman is trying to abuse his wife. Haman is immediately taken from the king's presence and hung on the gallows he built for Mordecai. The Bible is so clear about our sin and how it will eventually "find us out." We can work crazy hard to keep our sin hidden, but God tells us that sin is something that will be revealed. Even with all our hard work, it will become public knowledge. Why then do we work so hard to keep our sin a secret? We truly believe in our flesh that we can get away with anything if we work hard enough. As a Christ-follower who walks by faith, I know that my sin will find me out, so I strive to stay away from it. It is a daily battle and I sometimes lose, but my goal is Spirit-filled righteousness and not flesh-filled sin. If we stay away from sin, we stay away from its consequences. Haman was so consumed with himself that he assumed he could get away with anything, but he found that God was far greater and the truth was revealed.

Help me, Lord, to fight the daily battle with sin because I am Your child. Help me to trust that my sin will always "find me out" and stop trying so hard to hide it.