Haman is prepared to stand before the king and ask for Mordecai's life. He does not know that the king could not sleep the previous evening and had the recent record of events read to him. When Mordecai's actions were once again brought to light, the king decided to honor him as a hero. When Haman enters the throne room the next morning, the king asks him how to best honor a hero. Haman, of course, assumes the king is talking about him so he comes up with an elaborate celebration only to find that it was meant for Mordecai. We do not know if Esther's uncle knew anything about the gallows already built for him, but Haman definitely knew and was now in a state of anger and panic as he leads Mordecai through the streets of Susa proclaiming his greatness. Do you ever stop to consider just how many times God has saved you from an unknown threat? We sometimes get frustrated when the car will not start or when we hit every red light on the way to work, but we must always remember that God is in complete control and He loves you deeply; therefore, some of those issues have more to do with your protection than the issue at hand. Mordecai enjoyed God's protection and he probably did not even know it. We do the same on a daily basis, so stop complaining and start praising Him for His marvelous works.

Help me, Lord, to recognize Your hand upon a situation and praise You when others get frustrated. Help me to honor You through my responses to issues that I face each day.