After prayer and fasting, Esther makes her way to the king's throne room. I suspect butterflies were fluttering in her stomach, but she knew that God put her in this place for this moment in time. She trusted God's plan for her life even when she was scared for her life. She walked by faith as she walked into the doorway of the king's court. The king sees his queen and immediately welcomes her into his presence. The prayer and fasting of the Jews in Susa were effective, and Esther now stood before the man who could save or destroy her people. Esther invites the king and Haman, his chief counselor, to a banquet prepared just for them. When Haman leaves the first banquet, he rides past Mordecai and burns with anger when the Jew does not bow down before him. At the encouragement of his friends, Haman has seventy-five foot gallows built to hang those who would not bow before him. It seems like the bad guys are going to win this time, but God is not finished, and Mordecai's faith never wavered. Those butterflies were still real, but they did not stop Mordecai or Esther from their God-ordained work. We must follow their example by seeking God's will in God's word and then watching Him work miraculously as we trust and obey even with butterflies in our belly.

Help me, Lord, to have the courage to seek out Your will for my life even when it creates those "butterfly in the belly" moments. Help me to trust and obey even when the butterflies are fluttering in my belly.