As you read this chapter, it seems obvious that Esther is the person who will be the next queen. She finds favor with every leader that she meets which allows her to enjoy the best of care and preparation to see the king. She spent a year enjoying daily "spa days" and kept up with her uncle who raised her since the death of her parents. At one point, Mordicai hears of a death threat against the king and passes it on to the new queen. She relays the message to her husband and makes her uncle a hero in the process. It seems that Esther, her uncle, and her people were living a dream in a foreign land. As we know, this will change quickly, but once again, God was in complete control and preparing the way for the future salvation of His people. I know that you question God's plan at times. It is difficult to watch people we love leave this world way before their time. It is painful to watch our children struggle with addiction or with making bad decisions. We want to scream when our state and national legislatures seek to remove God from every possible venue. In all those moments, God is present and He is in control. This life of faith He has called us to live is challenging and sometimes painful, but it is by-far the best life we can live.

Help me, Lord, to walk diligently with You and to stay faithful even when life makes no sense. Help me to trust Your plan as I feel Your presence and celebrate Your power in my life.