How does God take a heathen king and use him to save His people from annihilation? It is never by any means that we might come up with. God has a plan that is far beyond our intellect and brings Him the most glory possible. Xerxes is a warrior king who rules a vast nation yet God has no problem using him to perform His perfect will. Esther and Mordecai only gained any power because Xerxes gave it to them. God knew of the unmatched power of the heathen king and harnessed it for His purposes. Those truths should encourage us as we watch our elected leaders make important decisions that radically impact our lives. Whether we like or agree with them, God has placed those leaders in those positions for His purposes. When He tells us in the Scriptures to pray for our governmental leaders, He does so to remind us that He is the One that controls the "hearts of the king." We should never depend upon those leaders to make us happy or even to meet our needs; instead we trust fully in the God who has saved us and transformed us for His glory. God could use Xerxes for the good of His people and for His glory, and He can use any leader He puts in power to do the same.

Help me, Lord, to depend fully upon You and not upon the government or our elected leaders. Help me to pray regularly for those You have placed in power and trust You to use them as You see fit.