The theme of this short book is "for such a times as this." It is not a book about patriarchal domination or Esther's beauty; it is a book about God's sovereign plan for our lives. It is God reminding us that He is in complete control. When the queen, Vashti, disobeys the commands of her husband and his counselors encourage him to throw her out, God is preparing the way for His people to escape complete annihilation. When a search begins for a new queen, God already has beautiful Esther ready to fill the void left by Vashti. He is not in anyway surprised by the events at this moment or the ones we are facing right now. God did not abandon His people in captivity, He simply disciplined them for their idolatry and rebellion. Are you currently struggling with God's plan? The citizens of this great empire were probably shocked when the king announced the need for a new queen. God, however, had been planning for ages to bring Esther to this moment in time. As we will see throughout this book, He is always one step ahead of the people who are supposedly in charge. Are you willing to trust God's plan even when it does not seem to make sense? Are you ready to walk in His plan no matter where it leads or what is required of you? Even the great king Xerxes walked according to God's plan even though he thought he was in control!

Help me, Lord, to walk in Your plan today and everyday. Help me to trust that You are truly in control of everything I face and that You will never make a mistake.