Did you know that God expects you to teach your children to obey? According to Paul, it is not an option, because children will never obey this commandment if they are not taught how to obey. We see children today who know how to appease or how to manipulate, but we rarely see kids who are truly obedient to their parents. I have also heard many complain over the last twenty years that the American work ethic has disappeared from ourculture. Why? We are consumed with paychecks, corporate ladders, and impressing the boss. Paul challenges believers to work for the Lord and not for men. When you go to work, you do so for the Lord and your work ethic is based upon His expectations. The difference in the two is incredible, because one employee is always thankful, focused, and ready to work; while the other is only trying to do what is needed to move ahead meaning they gladly step on others to get where they want to go. Paul also reminds us that everything we face in marriage, raising kids, and work issues are part of spiritual warfare. We need to put on God's armor everyday, because it will protect us in the midst of these attacks and enable us to focus on the needs of others and not our own. As you examine yourself today, would you consider your children and your work ethic? Are they inline with God's plan, or are they more inline with what you have always done? When you bring God into those arenas of life, He changes everything!

Help me, Lord, to continually teach my children to obey through word and deed knowing they will never obey You if I do not teach them to obey me. Help my work to for You and You alone so that I can stay thankful, focused, and always ready to do what is needed at work and at home.