The overflow of getting a life right with God changes everything. Paul's challenge is to "be imitators of God, as beloved children..." When we imitate God we love others in a manner that destroys divisions and brings relief to the offended. When we imitate God, we see our secret sin defeated and removed from our lives. When we imitate God, our words that where once laced with complaints and blame are now laced with thankfulness. When we imitate God, we walk in wisdom and dedicate every minute for His glory. He tells us, "do not get drunk with wine, for that is excessive, but be filled with the Spirit." Why is this important? When we are filled with the Spirit, we actually have the opportunity to make a real impact on other people through our words, actions, and attitudes. Paul provides the beautiful example of marriage and the fact that husbands and wives submit to God by fulfilling their roles in the marriage relationship. God has called men to lead their wives with the same love that Jesus has for His church. God has called women to respect their husband's authority meeting his greatest need and inspiring him to greater heights personally and professionally. Are you right with God? Are you imitating Him to those you live with, work with, and worship with?

Help me, Lord, to be an imitator of You so that my life can make a real impact upon my world. Help me to fulfill the roles You have given me in life and in marriage.