What purpose does the church have in today's culture? We seem to think that our purpose is entertainment or relating to the culture, but Paul tells us that our purpose is to reveal the wisdom of God to the culture around us. The mystery of Christ was not clearly manifest until He lived, died, and rose from the grave. The Apostles and prophets enjoyed a clear revelation of Jesus' impact upon all men. Now, the church has the responsibility to share that wisdom with the world. God's challenge does not provide an opportunity to say "no" or to ask God to wait for a little while; instead, it tells us that we are the only hope for this world. We are His messengers and must stay focused on revealing this mystery. God has opened the door for Jews and Gentiles to come to Christ. He is opening the door to all the culture which is where our focus must be. We cannot choose one generation of people to focus our attention upon; instead, God wants us to reach out to every generation with the Gospel which means we must find many avenues for outreach. Have you gotten into that rut of focusing on one group of people or consumed with one form of outreach? We have to share the mystery of Christ to all the world, or they will not hear the Truth and be saved.

Help me, Lord, to know Your truth and to share it with every generation possible. Help me to love the people around and look for ways to pass on Your wisdom to them.