The complete work of salvation is summed up in the terms: justification, sanctification, and glorification. Paul tells us that we were dead in our trespasses and sins until Jesus came to provide salvation for all who will believe. That, my friends, is called "grace." We do not deserve it yet He gives it freely. Grace through faith is the tool God uses to justify us. It is also the tool whereby He sanctifies us. Paul reminds us that "we are His workmanship," His masterpiece, and He is building us into that image of Jesus by grace through faith. Are you allowing the salvation process freedom to continue changing you, or are you so stuck in your ways that you cannot hear His voice any longer. At times, we believe this is Biblical peace, but Paul reminds us that Jesus is our peace. Our circumstances do not bring peace; our relationships do not bring peace; our addictions and battles with sin do not bring peace, because only Jesus can be our eternal peace. At this very moment, God in the person of the Holy Spirit lives inside of you. He is continually speaking truth and bringing peace to your heart, soul, and mind. Sadly, we grieve the Spirit many times by not listening to Him and by doing what we want instead of what He wants. Have you been justified by grace through faith? If so, are you being sanctified by grace through faith? Is God spontaneously producing a spiritual revolution in your heart and soul? He will, if you will give Him the freedom to do so.

Help me, Lord, to live my live by grace through faith. Help me to rejoice over my justification (getting saved) and over my sanctification which is that daily work You are doing in my life.