After taking a long look at the lives of the wealthy and the impoverished, Solomon comes to one conclusion: we all have the same destiny. Paul said it well, “it is appointed unto men once to die and after that the judgment.” The second part of Paul’s statement is the part where we focus our attention, but the first part is a reality we must all face. No matter how good or how prosperous or how godly you might be, death is a natural end to life. Some godly people might live to be 78, and some ungodly might live to be 102; we do not get to make those decisions. Solomon’s point is that we should live this life to the fullest since God has given it to us. We will face death and judgment and then eternity, but for now, why would we waste the precious time we have on earth? We must learn to be thankful for the easy and difficult moments. We must focus on loving our spouse and children and forget the crazy world around us. We must work hard and honor God and trust Him to take care of our needs. This is the life that honors the Lord, and the life that allows us to experience God’s best. My days are numbered; therefore, I am going to enjoy them to the fullest. Afterwards, I will stand before my Maker and face His judgment. In Christ, that judgment is far less daunting and will end with me placing any rewards I receive at the feet of the One who deserves them most. I will then have the joy of spending eternity in the new Jerusalem with all the saints. Are you living today in preparation for that day?

Help me, Lord, to live this life You have given me to the fullest. Help me to enjoy my spouse and children and to work hard for Your glory and honor.