How have you changed since you started following Jesus? Solomon reminds us that wisdom literally changes our countenance and gives us so much more to be thankful for. In our flesh, we rarely recognize the blessings God bestows upon us, because we are consumed with our wants and wishes and never stop to think about the provision of our needs. The wise person, however, sees those blessings and gives God all the honor for them. Our relationship with Jesus also changes our outlook on government. We should “obey the king” until he steps out from under the authority of the Scriptures. We must also remember that our life is filled with seasons. Some seasons enjoy the reign of a good “king” and other seasons do not. Each season will come and go; therefore, we must stay faithful through them all. To all my OCD companions, Solomon provides a little encouragement when he says, “there is a proper time and procedure for every matter.” In other words, we need to find God’s way to handle a situation instead of trying to fix it ourselves. He has a plan and purpose. He has a proper time and procedure; therefore, we must find it and walk in it. The other truth we find here is that we cannot alway determine success based upon outcome. We constantly tell our children that a win in a sporting event is of no value if you have compromised your values to get it. We must consider success from the perspective of character and integrity. When they are the goal, everything changes, and we are able to honor the King of all kings. Wait on Him today and walk closely in His plan!

Help me, Lord, to seek wisdom knowing it changes my life for the better. Help me to wait on You even when I think I know the answers to life’s questions.