The elders and I returned from our annual retreat at Deep Creek Lake earlier today. This morning when I read this chapter, it triggered a powerful thought concerning not only the retreat but also our church, overall. The key to long-term "success" in any situation is unity among all those who are participating. Our elders left that retreat unified in our thoughts and plans for 2020. We left unified about the primary and secondary doctrines that we hold to as a church. We left unified over the changes that need to be made so we can go where God wants us to go. Solomon tells us that a strand of three cannot be broken. If we apply that to a marriage, then that third person has to be God. When we get in tune with God's plan as a couple, then He joins us, and we enjoy long-term success. As a church, we cannot depend upon elders or pastors or personalities to take us to new levels of ministry and discipleship, we must depend fully upon the Lord. He must be that third strand that makes us stronger than we could ever be on our own. Do you know the vision of your church? Do you understand why the church does what it does? Have you caught the vision and gotten fully immersed in it at your place of worship? This is so important, because it allows us to be unified in God's plan for our church which makes us three strands instead of two and our strength and unity exponentially increase. We serve an amazing God and must tap into His plan so we can enjoy His power in all that we say and do.

Help me, Lord, to look to You for the answers to my future success in my walk with You. Help me to catch the vision of the church You have called me to and to join the saints in serving You as a unified body of believers.