Life is always changing.  It is the one thing you can count on over the years.  Solomon gives us some incredible insight into this phenomenon.  He talks about the different seasons of life.  While all of us face those seasons, each one is unique as it plays out in our personal lives.  Sometimes, seasons are obvious, and at other times, they are hidden well by those who are facing them.  I do not believe Solomon is trying to discourage us; instead, he is reminding us that no matter how bad life is now; it is simply a season that we are going through and will eventually end.  At times, our seasons shock us.  We are completely unprepared for them, but God is never shocked or unprepared.  He knew that this season was coming in your life, and believe it or not, He has prepared you for it.  Honestly, He has done more than just prepare you for this season; He also walks with you through the good and difficult seasons of life simply because He loves you.  You are not alone in your season of life.  He is there to comfort, guide, strengthen, and  even carry you when it is needed.  What season are you currently facing?  Solomon lists twenty-eight seasons that we could be in right now.  As you prepare for a new day and assess your current season, will you thank God that You are not alone in that season, and that it will eventually end?  He has not abandoned you, my friend!  He is preparing you; walking with you; and possibly even carrying you through this season.

Help me, Lord, to praise You as we walk through this season of life together.  Help me to find strength and encouragement from that fact that every season has a start and end date and to stay faithful throughout that time.