Is generosity dead in our current culture? Solomon encourages those who know Yahweh and walk with Him to be generous in every facet of life. Generosity not only helps those in need but it also takes your “riches” out of your hands and puts them back where they belong: in God’s hands. He is the giver of all things; therefore, when we freely give of what He has given us, then we emulate Him. We show the world just how generous our Jesus really is, and we bestow blessings on those who truly need it. Anxiety is another area of concern in Solomon’s thoughts for the day. He tells us to “banish anxiety from [our] hearts.” I needed to hear that this morning...anxiety is a silent menace that can create way more drama than is needed in our lives. It destroys our vitality and our motivation to live life to the fullest. He tells us to “be happy” by not allowing anxiety to have the final say on this day or any other. Paul continues that thought in Philippians by telling us to “be anxious for nothing.” Some translations says simply, “do not worry about anything.” Paul tells us that we offset worry with prayer. This, too, is a key to happiness which we now know is an act of obedience on our parts. We think that others makes us happy or that circumstances make us happy, but Solomon tells us that happiness is a choice we make. It is a choice to forego anxiety and to walk by faith in the midst of every storm that we face in life. God is calling us to live a generous and anxiety-free day! Will you do it?

Help me, Lord, to be generous with every facet of my life so you can bless others through me. Help me to “be anxious for nothing” so that I can enjoy Your “peace that passes all comprehension.”