Solomon tells us that everything is vanity (meaningless, empty, vain, or like the wind). Life is fleeting and most are forgotten shortly after death. We work hard and wear our bodies out for no real reason and gain great wealth to leave it in the hands of another. Solomon charged himself with studying every type of science on the earth. He found that the more he knew, the more sadness and heartache he experienced. Life is not pretty, especially when it is lived sans Jesus. I understand that I have the best job in the world, because I get to have a positive impact upon individuals and families on a consistent basis. Many jobs do not provide that opportunity and actually leave us wondering why we do what we do. Life is not your job or my job. Life is lived for God’s glory and by His leadership and guidance. You can have a job where you never see another person for eight straight hours and still make an incredible impact upon the world around you. How? Find the place where God wants you to serve in your free time. Your work may be solitary, but your ministry does not have to be. Where are you gifted and passionate? That is where you will make an incredible impact that will help you see where value really lies. The other option is to live a life that is meaningless. Sadly, that is where most people dwell. They search for meaning in places that cannot provide it and always hope something will change though they never try to change. It is futile and meaningless. Our lives only make sense when Jesus is at the center.

Help me, Lord, to stop trying to find meaning and start trusting You as my meaning in life. Help me to stop finding my identity in the work that I do and find it in a growing, passionate relationship with You.