God, once again, encourages this new generation of Israelites to remember His mighty works on their behalf. He takes them back to Egypt and the Passover; He reminds them of the rock that spewed out water, and He has now led them to the edge of the Promised Land after forty years of wandering in the wilderness. God has proven Himself completely through the generations, and He now wants to prepare them for the land they are about to inherit. He encourages them to point all their praise to Him as they defeat their enemies and enjoy the amazing fruits of the land. He also encourages each Jew to remember where their success and wealth come from. Even as the Lord was fulfilling His promises to them, the Israelites began to stray away from Him into the lairs of idols. God gives them another warning about worshiping anyone or anything above Him: they will be destroyed! This is not a threat to stop their current predicament; but a promise of what will happen in the future. Would God "destroy" people today? If God chooses to remove His hand of blessing from our lives, then we will lead ourselves to destruction. God does not destroy us, but He does set us free to destroy ourselves.

Help me, Lord, to remember all of Your amazing works in my life and in the Scriptures. Help me to start seeking Your will above my own sinful ways.