God reveals some powerful promises to His people. Seven nations dominate the Promised Land, and God promised to give all seven over to them. He tells them that He will drive them out of the land. Why? They are all heathen nations who serve false gods and/or idols. Yahweh does not want His people meeting or intermarrying with them, because it would only lead to destruction and a fall. Their false gods would pull His people away from Him and cause them to rebel against His plans and promises. At first, it seemed Joshua would take the land with ease, especially with God's assistance. He did take large portions of the land for God's glory, but he never was able to finish the task before him. Later, Israel's judges led them from captivity and towards the Lord, but they, too, could not drive out all of the inhabitants of the land. Even the three kings never fully took the land though David and Solomon got really close. God promised to remove these seven nations, but He expected them to walk by faith and not in their flesh. They never fully surrendered as God requested, and eventually, they settled for something from God was far less than what was originally promised. The victory is ours in Christ yet few are willing to commit themselves to His lifestyle, and therefore, miss out on God's promises.

Help me, Lord, to hear Your promises and to obey without concern for tomorrow. Help me to enjoy Your victorious lifestyle as I walk faithfully with You.