As we already learned, the word "Deuteronomy" actually means "second law" in Greek. Thus, the repeat of Exodus 20. God reminds this new generation of His top ten commandments and encourages them to follow and obey each one. These lay a great foundation for a moral and character-filled life. When we follow them, we are walking in the light of God's plan and have the opportunity to make a real impact upon the lives of the people in our lives. These ten principles are the basis for all the other commandments; therefore, they are important. As a Christ-follower, I must make a conscious choice to obey the commandments God has given me. While some would argue that they no longer have to obey these commandments, I would vehemently disagree. They provide the basis for the rest of our lives. If I honor the Sabbath as God commands, will that not have an incredible impact upon my life and upon my family's life? If I do not covet my neighbor's wife, will that not strengthen my marriage and my bond with my spouse? We need to take these ten simple principles and apply them to every part of our lives. Doing so will radically change our lives and the impact we have upon other's lives. God thought it was important to repeat all Ten Commandments for this new generation of Israelites reminding us of just how important they really are for our lives in 2018.

Help me, Lord, to live according to Your Ten Commandments. Help me to see the impact Your commandments have upon my life, upon my family, and upon my ministry to others.