God continues to prepare His people to cross the Jordan and take the land promised to their forefather, Abraham. He begins to lay down His law once again for this new generation. They did not necessarily see this in their parent's lives so God taught them again how to live for Him. He tells them to learn from their parent's mistakes instead of falling back into them again. He also encourages them to walk fully in His law not adding or subtracting from it. He warns them to stay away from idols and reminds them of what happened to some of their parents because of idolatry. How does this apply to our lives? It is easy to read through this and assume these message were only for the new generations of Israel. God, however, does not see in small fragments of time; instead He sees how today's actions can impact tomorrow. He put this right here at this moment, because we need to be reminded that God only has one way to live and to love Him. We get so caught up in ourselves that we forget God on many occasions and suffer horribly for it. When, however, we keep God at the center of our lives by living for and loving Him, then we enjoy victory and the abundant life He promises. He tells these Israelites that if they rebel, He will remove them from this land. How many are being held captive today due to rebellion today?

Help me, Lord, to live today for You and You alone. Help my life and my love for You and for others to keep those close to me from rebellion and a world of troubles.