Can you imagine the mourning that came with Moses' death? He led Israel for over forty years and gave them the Law from God's mouth. He watched over them, prayed for them, and led them to the edge of the Promised Land. Moses also prepared Joshua to take his place of leadership. He did a lot right in his life, but he still could not enter the Promised Land because of his failure at Meribah. I find it interesting that we are told that he climbed a mountain before his death. In other words, he was in perfect physical condition. His eyes could still see every nook and cranny, and his body could easily get him to the top of the mountain. This reminds me that the timing of our deaths is by God's design and not our own. We are on this earth for a specific number of days. Some die early in life; while others live to see triple digits. Some stay healthy throughout their lives; while others struggle with disease and physical illness. We do not determine when we die; God does. Moses was healthy, but his time on earth was finished. He had a heavenly home waiting for him. We do everything we can to stay alive on this earth when the greatest joys of life will never be found here; they will only be found in eternity. Stop worrying about the number of your days and commit to living every day for God's glory and by God's grace.

Help me, Lord, to stop concerning myself with death, because You defeated it through Your Son at Calvary. Help me to live each day for Your glory and to make a maximum impact upon this world until You call me home.