At the tail end of Moses' life, he blesses the people he has led for over forty years. Together, he and the Israelites have seen God work in the most amazing and miraculous ways. He has blessed every tribe with innumerable gifts and talents. He has put them at the cusp of the land promised to their forefather, Abraham. God has done it all, and He deserves praise even as Moses blesses his followers. A great leader sees potential! Moses saw the possibilities for each tribe as they entered the Promised land. He knew their good and their bad side, and he chose to focus his last words on the good. Even after his death, Moses led the people through Joshua, his protege. He still had an impact because of the time he invested in the next leader of his people. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? More importantly, what does God see? If you are a Christ-follower, God no longer sees your sin, because it is washed away by the blood of the Lamb. He does, however, see your potential, and longs to encourage and strengthen it. At times, God is our coach, the One who pushes us and challenges us and never lets us rest. A great coach prepares his team for every game, because He knows that is where all the practice manifests itself. As a Christian, all that work (practice) reveals itself at those moments when you minister and love and serve those around you.

Help me, Lord, to enjoy Your rich and wonderful blessings upon my life. Help me to surrender daily to Your Spirit's guidance and help me fulfill all the potential You see in me.