Moses' song reminds the people that God has always been in the center of their heritage. He called Abram as a heathen and made him righteous by faith. He led Abram to the Promised Land and gave him a son. God did it all! He said He would and then He did it, and all the while, Abram trusted God to do as He promised. That trust allowed Abram to become Abraham, the man who is highly respected in the Hebrew and Christian world today. His faith began a journey for these people that led them to this moment of re-entering and re-taking the land God promised them. As you look at your own life, can you see God's hand at work? Can you see those moments when He challenged you to walk by faith and the incredible impact that had? We sometimes zip through life and never stop to consider the reality that God is our everything. He is our history and our future. He is our all in all. As we celebrate Father's Day, I truly hope we will not forget our Heavenly Father. He is worthy to be celebrated! Dads, this is also a great day to remember the last year and to look back at God's work in your life. Without Him, where would I be?

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith and not by sight. Help me to celebrate You as my Heavenly Father who deserves my all today.