Moses uses a powerful word to prepare the people for the Promised Land. He tells them to be "courageous." Why? They will face hardships and difficult days, but God is faithful, and they can trust Him to continue in His plan. He ends the chapter with the reality of the situation, because He knows they will not stay faithful to the end. He knows they will bow before false gods by consorting with the temple prostitutes and sacrificing their children on their altars. His challenge is to have a courageous faith that sees the obstacles and the temptations and continues in that journey that God has called them to take. As I prepare for Father's Day, I am reminded that God has called me to be courageous when it comes to raising my kids according to God's plan. I am also called to treat my wife as He told me to. In a world filled with the fake and the false, God has called us to live as lights in the darkness. That, my friends, takes courage. When everyone else is "turning to his own way," we must stay the course with Jesus knowing His plan is better than any other. Do you have that kind of courage? Will you be that Christ-follower who does not give up or quit?

Help me, Lord, to have a courageous faith that pushes me to stay on task with You. Help me to courageously love my spouse and raise my children according to Your Word and not according to this world.