In all of His discussions on His people's response to the law, God has yet to open the door for repentance and restoration. In this chapter, we see His grace overflow. Grace does not change or stop the consequences, but grace offers complete restoration in Christ. Moses tells the people that when they mess up royally and God disciplines them, they can still turn back to Him for forgiveness and healing. God does not hold a grudge, but He does allow the sowing and reaping law of nature to have its affect. Some feel they have out-sinned God's grace, but let's be clear, that is absolutely not possible. The only sin He cannot forgive is unbelief so stop living as if you have no hope. Repent of your sin and let Him restore you completely according to His will and His plan. If you fall away a second time, discipline will follow, but God is more than ready to forgive a second, third, or fourth offense if He sees a heart change and a renewed desire to live for Him. How many fathers have turned against their children because of sexual misconduct, drug or alcohol addiction, or for a perceived lack of drive? Our Heavenly Father does not work in that manner. He will never approve of or even accept your sin, but He will never turn against you or remove your family name. You are His kid, and He loves you. Will you turn back to Him today?

Help me, Lord, to stay the course of this life striving to keep those moments of falling away to a minimum. Help me to follow Your example and love my kids through their bad decisions and their sinful ways and always be ready to forgive and restore them.