Another king falls to the mighty Israelites, as they continue to take the land that God has promised them. Do you think the people were excited about their victories? No doubt, they were. Moses was so excited that he asked God to allow him to see the Promised Land. He wanted to cross over the Jordan, see the land, and then God could take him home. His past sin, however, kept him from doing so. God gave him the chance to go up a mountain and view all the land God had given his people. After all this time, why would God forbid Moses from entering the land he had longed for since childhood? While God is the God of love, He is also a God of justice. He sees sin for what it is, rebellion against His way of life. When we fall into that sin, consequences always follow. They may be consequences that are visible to a group of people or only to the individual involved in the sin, but they are still present. Mercy and grace will cause God to withhold some of the punishment for our sin, but those consequences are still present. How is your walk with the Lord? Are you walking with Him or against Him at this point in your life? It is easy to get angry with God and even blame Him, but in the end, it all comes back to our personal rebellion against the Almighty's way of life.

Help me, Lord, to take the blame for the consequences of my sin. Help me to never blame You or curse You because of those consequences knowing they are my fault not Your's.