God has finished giving out the law for the second time and now reminds the people of their role in it. The law was never created to "save" mankind; it was created to show us just how sinful we are and how we are not able to keep it. The law points us to Messiah who was talked of from the days of Adam and Eve until the first century B.C. When Messiah arrived on the scene, the law was so convoluted with man's ideas that they could not see what was right in front of their faces. God appeared to them as the God/man, Jesus. All their fears should have been erased and all their hopes should have been resurrected, but they simply could not see. God warns them in this chapter of their impending doom if they rebel against His law and worship other gods. They will have no hope for a future. That reality is best seen in their rejection of Jesus. All those years of rebellion were passed down. In the Old Testament, they worshiped idols, and in the New Testament, they worshiped their traditions and man-made rules. Both decisions proved the law, because it revealed clearly to them who they were and how desperately they needed Messiah. Where are you in this spiritual journey? Are you walking closely with the Lord, or have you rebelled against His way of life?

Help me, Lord, to keep my eyes upon grace and not obedience as my ticket to heaven. Help me to worship Messiah, because He has made we whole and complete spiritually and has blessed me every spiritual blessing.